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Knife sets - For the perfect cut

How often do kitchen knives have to be ground?
How often a knife needs to be sharpened depends primarily on the material the knife is made of. However, as soon as the knife no longer glides effortlessly through the material to be cut, the time has come for you to sharpen it... If a knife is used frequently, it may have to be sharpened every three to six months. If it is used irregularly, it may also be that a kitchen knife only needs to be sharpened every three years.

Who resharpens kitchen knives?
Kitchen knives are usually sharpened by cutlers. Experienced cooks can also buy a so-called grindstone. With the help of such a stone, you can sharpen the knives yourself. However, if you are not sure, it is better to give the knives to an experienced cutler so that both your fingers and the knife remain intact.
We offer a sharpening service.

Why do kitchen knives have a high price?
Not all kitchen knives are expensive per se. However, with the sometimes drastic price differences, there are also massive qualitative differences. Cheap knives are often blunt after only a few cutting operations and can hardly be resharpened because the material is already too brittle. Expensive kitchen knives are characterized by a completely different cutting sensation. They glide through all the ingredients as if they were made of butter. In addition, high-quality kitchen knives have to be sharpened much less frequently. That's why it's worth investing in high-quality knives and not saving on good kitchen equipment.

How long do kitchen knives last?
The service life of a kitchen knife also depends on its quality and condition. However, with regular and product-appropriate care, you can be sure that a high-quality kitchen knife will accompany its owner for a lifetime.

How do you dispose of kitchen knives?
If you actually have to dispose of a knife because of its poor quality, you should dispose of it properly, as the risk of injury is extremely high even with blunt knives. Because the main part of a kitchen knife is made of steel, old knives belong in the scrap metal. This may even allow the knife to be recycled and made into a new product.

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