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Essen gehn! Dining out coupon book

You find vouchers give away boring and impersonal? Then we will prove you wrong!
The voucher book "Essen gehn" presents various restaurants from the regions of Zurich, Bern, Basel and the Engadine.
The restaurants presented in the book do not only give a private insight into the atmosphere of a restaurant, but they also offer you a culinary special offer. This means that the recipient can not only directly select the restaurant that is most appealing to him or her, but also benefit from a unique price-performance ratio.

Eating out Zurich
The voucher book "Essen gehn Zürich" is made up of various restaurants in the city of Zürich that serve a unique offer.

Essen gehn Basel
Discover, with the voucher book "Essen gehn Basel", the most beautiful bars and restaurants Basel has to offer.

Essen gehn Bern
The voucher book "Essen gehn Bern" reveals the secret corners of the sleepy little town of Bern, with the tastiest selection of food.

Eating out in Engadine
Discover in the voucher book "Essen gehn Engadin" the most cosy restaurants of the Engadin and let your soul dangle and spoil your palate.

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