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Le Verre - The INAO tasting glass

What is a tasting glass?
A tasting glass is used for the professional tasting and evaluation of wines. It has been specially developed for wine tasting occasions. Due to their composition and shape, the aroma as well as the bouquet and colour of a wine can develop optimally.

How are wine glasses made?
As a rule, wine glasses are nowadays mostly made by machine. A glass tube, which is closed at both ends, is guided into a separable form and then filled from the inside by means of compressed air pressure at the cold end of the tube. The liquid glass is inflated inside the glass tube.
The larger the diameter, the smaller the wall thickness of the wine glass. The mould then divides and the hot, machine-blown glass can be removed. The so-called upper balloon, which remains at the end, is broken by scoring all around and then knocked off. The sharp edge is finally remelted and thus deburred.

What happens at a wine tasting?
A wine tasting is a small group of experts to evaluate the taste of different wines. During a wine tasting a small sip of wine from a tasting glass is tasted. The taster rolls the wine in his mouth to experience all the aromas and nuances of the wine. Afterwards it is not swallowed, but ends up in a so-called waste can. Most tasters neutralize their palates with bread or mineral water so that the wine does not end after it.

Why do you need a tasting glass?
Tasting glasses are always used when a professional tasting and evaluation of a wine takes place. This can be a wine evaluation or a wine speech. Tasting glasses are therefore usually found in wine shops, wineries and upscale restaurants.

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