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Sibler Münsterhof 16 / Ecke Storchengasse · 8001 Zürich · +41 44 211 55 50
Sibler Viaduktstrasse 39 / Im Viadukt Bogen 24 · 8005 Zürich · +41 44 211 55 51 ·
"Your own dog..."
"Your own dog..."
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Your own dog just barks, he doesn't make any noise.

Silence is becoming more and more precious. Because today our attention is constantly challenged: Event here, meeting there, flashing, ringing and noisy everywhere. No wonder silence at first seems unusual and irritating to us. It contains an enormous amount of energy from which we can draw strength, knowledge and creativity.

The exhibition "Sounds of Silence" at the Museum für Kommunikation in Bern focuses on this highly topical topic. Fidea Design has created this series of postcards in collaboration with the Museum für Kommunikation


Size: A6

Material: groundwood cardboard

CHF 2.50

Article no.: H10-617-94Drucken

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