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Weck glasses - preserving made easy

What are Weck jars?
Weck glasses are hollow glasses which have space for a rubber seal on the outer edge. Normally, a glass lid is attached to this rubber seal using clamps. This makes it very easy to boil or sterilize food in jars. The rubber seal prevents germs or other external influences from penetrating the glass. Oh and before we forget it: Weck jars are also the eponym for the so-called "Einwecken", which means "to Weck something in".

What are Weck jars used for?
Weck glasses are glasses that are ideal for preserving, sterilizing and storing food. Weck jars can also be used for baking and cooking food. In addition, Weck jars are a beautiful and simple variant to present starters, side dishes and desserts with little effort high quality.

How do I open Weck jars?
Weck jars are usually very easy to open again after preserving. All you have to do is release the vacuum by removing the metal catch from the glass and pulling on the tab attached to the rubber seal. If it should happen that the glass cannot be opened in this way (e.g. with glued glasses), there is another trick: With the round glass, place four opposing clamps on the glass and place the glass upside down in hot water for a few minutes. This should loosen any adhesions and the jar will open again.

How do you close Weck jars?
Weck jars can be closed by placing the rubber ring on the gap at the top of the jar. Then the glass lid is placed on it. When the glass is closed, the so-called lid clamps are clamped onto the glass. Now the jar can be turned over and stored.

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