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Preserving jars and rubber seals

Our preserving jars with rubber seals are perfect for preserving, storing and preserving food.

Discover also our jars in different sizes!

Weck glasses - impress your guests

Weck jars are out? Wrong, the Weck jars are again fully in vogue! No matter if as starter, main course or integrated for dessert. With menus from the jar, you are guaranteed to make a lasting impression on your guests. In addition, meals in the jar have many other advantages: If the ingredients are prepared in a jar sealed with a rubber seal or a jar clamp, no aromas can escape. This creates dishes with a particularly intense and incomparable taste and your guests will experience a taste explosion!

Weck jars and rubber seal - preserving made easy

In addition to food presentation, the Weck jars are also ideal for preserving cherries, elderberries, apples, pears, peaches, mirabelles and much more. Thus they become irreplaceable helpers in the kitchen, which are indispensable in the world of preserving.

Discover also our preserving jars with rubber seal.

Tip: Weck jars are not only ideal as preserving jars, but also make a good figure as crockery!

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